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Hedonist's List of Desert Island Essentials ~ Vivien Steels

Blue iceberg from Arctic shores

melting into cool, mountain streams.

Chocolate Emporium effusing cocoa –

door always open, shelves always filled.

Cooking pot permanently flame-hot

to bubble water within its depths for

Chinese Jasmine-scented tea,

fragrance rising in coils of steam.

Tent, the size of small bungalow,

with bathroom ‘en suite’ included.

Bombay Curry House,

waiters and cooks ever-ready

to conjure spiced masterpieces

served on white plates.

Library, walls resplendent with books,

superb poetry section –

no overdue charges.

Softest duvet fattened with duck-down,

hammock fittings to lasso two palm trees

under indigo sky christened with stars.

Published in 21st Century Poetry - October 2001, in Write-Away – Winter 01/02, Panda No: 9 January 2002 & Your Daily Poem – July 2015

Do go and see my poem at Jama's Alphabet Soup Blog @

Jama's Alphabet Soup @ is a very interesting website featuring an 'Eclectic Feast of Food, Fiction, Folderol and Chewy Culinary Verse'.

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