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Pear Tree - photo ed.jpg

The Four Seasons

~ Spring ~ Summer ~ Autumn ~ Winter ~

Daffodils 20%.JPG


Spring Rap

© Vivien Steels

scat the sky
sing the green
summer's drowse
has yet to infuse
spark of bulb
twist of leaf
curve of nest
eggs unseen

Published in Write-Away - Spring 2001 

Illustrated with 'Daffodils'



The Shine-Wet Road

© Vivien Steels

Green arms laden with leaves
reach out to brothers, sisters,
across the shine-wet road
while rain, forgetting it is June,
sifts down in cloudfuls
leaving pools deep enough
for green-coated frogs
to dive in.

No swallows fly in sapphire sky.
No cornfields glint with gold.
The mid-year solstice has vacated 
her holiday charms
and left a sopping land
beset with swollen streams
where each single leaf and flower
cries that summer 
has passed it by, 
yet hopeful 
that a sun-lit harvest
will emerge from
rain-sodden fields.

Published in Dawntreader 043 – Summer 2018

Illustrated with 'Pear Tree' - original photo (edited)

Pear Tree - photo ed.jpg



Autumn Garden

'Windswept' - Autumn Leaves - portrait sm.jpg

© Vivien Steels


Robin fell like red leaf
onto crumbs left scattered
as flowers in the wind
over the leaf-patterned lawn.

Japanese anemones,
white as teeth,
turned smiles to the sun,
laughing in time to
the chimes of the breeze.

Two bay trees,
on parade like soldiers,
twirled their leaves,
light and dark,
waiting to be picked.

Clouds pearled across blue sky
closing down sun,
sending drafts of rain
to receptive garden –
sunbathing, resting, waiting
for autumn’s fingers
to embroider a tapestry of loss …

Illustrated with 'Autumn Leaves'


Winter White

© Vivien Steels


Ribbon of white leaves
whips from blanketed bush.
Winter blows last life into garden
where squirrel forages in evergreens,
magpie jumps up and down

on deserted greenhouse,
ringed dove sips from mirrored birdbath,
hedge sparrow hops in between bowing plants
chased by belligerent blackbird,
white snow-feather flashing in his tail.

Published in Earth Love 30 - Feb 2009 

Illustrated with 'Winter's Garden'

Our Garden - Winter.jpg
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