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Alter Echo (for Gary Moore 4.4.52 - 6.2.11) by Vivi Steels

Posted on April 8, 2020 at 8:05 PM

Alter Echo (for Gary Moore)


Deep dark stage -

star-lights pinpoint mastery

of fret set with mother of pearl,

silver strings set with genius

reaching decibels of hard rock blues

played at frenetic pace,

soul in harmony with guitar,

voice in harmony with soul.


Face wet, shining livid,

sweat pours down face, down arms

blurring fingers fast as light,

swagger winding up and down,

throwing self to and fro,

backwards and forwards,

in extremis, mouth open,

caught in the moment.


Deep dark stage –

star-lights pinpoint skin-tight trousers,

electric-blue shirt, luminous hands

fast as dreams, seeking chords

from fluorescent galaxy

far away, in that land of artistry

where man becomes guitar,

dark as jet, light as flame.

© Vivien Steels


Gary Moore was the finest guitarist this country has ever produced and he died far too young. He doesn't get the accolades he deserves with the guitars he could make cry and his fantastic blues voice. As an Aries born on the same day I appreciate the passion and talent he put into his music - he gave all of himself producing an effortless display of mastery on the guitar and powerful, heart-felt emotions. I love to listen to his music at an excessively high volume, especially when I am upset about anything. It takes you out of yourself - just transcendent, brilliant, sublime, authentic... Go to YouTube and listen to Still Got the Blues for You or Still in Love with You along with all his other great songs showcasing that out-of-this-world genius guitar playing.



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