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Ferne & Chocolate & The Rollercoaster Rainbow & Other Stories by Vivien (Vivi) Steels

Posted on November 20, 2021 at 2:25 AM

'A little girl named Ferne goes on magical adventures with her best friend, Chocolate, her dark brown cat. The book contains five stories, one for each season of the year plus one for Christmas. On their travels Ferne and Chocolate meet some amazing characters – seagulls who sail a boat, a bad tempered camel, a pair of strange twins who can swim, a screeching bird with multi-coloured feathers, and flying reindeer. These stories are full of descriptions of weird and wonderful places and Ferne brings home some extraordinary memories with her.'

My children's book with my illustrations is published by DayGlo Books Ltd @ http://dayglobooks.users62.interdns.co.uk/product/ferne-and-chocolate-the-roller-coaster-rainbow-other-stories/ . Dayglo Books specialise in books for children, and people of all ages, who have dyslexia. They are printed with the Open Dyslexic Font designed by Abelard Gonzalez, which helps people with dyslexia, but is also fine to be read by people with no reading difficulties. Do go and have a look at the Dayglo Books website @ http://dayglobooks.users62.interdns.co.uk/ .

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