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Sea Friend by Vivi Steels

Posted on March 10, 2021 at 4:55 AM

Sea Friend

The sea, hissing sibilantly,

wanted me to come in and play,

wrapping its foamy fingers

round my rubber boots, tugging.

“I’m not coming in today. You’re freezing.”

The seals were happy,

lying like furry mermaids on stone sofas,

exposing tummies to be tickled.

The dog otter, sleek and stream-line,

ate his shell-enclosed lunch,

discarding crumbs for hungry fish.

The wind ran along the edge of skittish clouds,

tweaking and puffing them into fluff.

Seaweed squeaked beneath my boots,

sand sank, velvet-wet,

firming itself after the sea’s caress.

“I might come in tomorrow,” I laughed.

You won’t. I’ll be even colder then.

But I’ll always wait for you,

always waving.”

© Vivien Steels

This is a photograph of me and my lovely older sister, Alison, with our shrimp nets at Bexhill-on-Sea in 1959.

I have been dreaming of going to the seaside during this interminable second lockdown..  The sea and beach has aways held a fascination and lure for me.  The poem is written from a child's viewpoint and although this is called 'Sea Friend', I was knocked down and almost drowned by a large wave when at the seaside at Bexhill-on-Sea when I was about seven and that same summer my dear friend Diane was drowned and about which I wrote the poem, 'The Same Sea'. 

I entered this poem 'Sea Friend' to The Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary Poetry Competition and was pleased to find in their magazine 'The Healer'- Spring 2021 that it was highly commended and I had won a £10 M&S Voucher!!! 




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