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Teddy, Our Lovely Rescue Cat by Vivi Steels

Posted on July 29, 2020 at 8:45 PM

Teddy, Our Lovely Rescue Cat

Teddy was only with us for just over three months. Teddy was slim, more white than black, with amber eyes. He had very large ears, long legs and a long thin black tail. He was quite vocal with a soft, high-pitched squeak. He had a black patch over one eye. Although Teddy loved our garden, he loved to go over into other surrounding gardens, but always came back within a few hours. He was quite shy of other people. Teddy was a lovely-natured, gentle cat. He hated collars and would always gets his lower jaw trapped in one while grooming himself.


He was last seen on the morning of Tuesday 28th July, but the next day after I had put posters up and put him on an animal search website, I received the devastaing news from a lovely lady, Alison, who runs a cat rescue and from whom I got my last lovely cat Mittens and Teddy, that he had been run over by a car yesterday morning on a road round the corner from where we live.


He had gone out that morning after sleeping on the bed and coming up for a cuddle, purring loudly, then wanting his first breakfast, then out into the garden he loved. He was a wanderer, but would always return every hours or so to play and cuddle and have something to eat. Some days he stayed with me all day. Other days he would like to wander a lot in the large gardens that surrounded ours. But yesterday he never reappeared. I looked and called for him. Ian went looking for him too.


And today the most awful news. I went to see if I could collect him, but he wasn't there. Alison rang the council and located his little body. She went to collect Teddy and buried him in the part of her garden where he used to play with his brother. I am so grateful to her for doing this. She is also very upset and loved Teddy dearly. I am making a special memorial for Teddy in my garden too.


I have a lovely memorial plaque and have put it on our Japanese garden where Teddy loved to hide and play, plus have bought a little red Acer tree and a special pot to plant it in to put near him. I will call it Teddy’s Tree and have ordered a small solar garden lantern to light it up. I’ve also got a lovely brass butterfly plaque to put on the bench in the garden where Teddy loved to snooze and I am getting one for lovely Mittens, my last rescue cat, for the chair where he loved to snooze. I am so sad without my lovely cats.


He was such an adorable cat and I will miss him so very much. He was only 10 months old. I always find it amazing how such a small furry animal can have such a big impact on you after so short a time.


He was very, very loved and will be missed greatly.


Bless you, Teddy.

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